The perfect option for our party lovers. Here's a little more about unlimited that we think you'll love:

Free Delivery & Pickup

$0 delivery & pickup fee all year (duration of your membership)

Access to Member Bundles

You will have the ability to rent a variety of product packages such as our resin and super bundles at discounted prices, available to exclusively with Unlimited.

Our hand-picked bundles are available at discounted prices on your favorite chairs, tables, linens & decor for any type of event.

Order Now, Pay half down

Ability to reserve your order now and pay later, your order must be reserved up to 14 days prior to the dispatch date with a $300 order minimum.

Your remaining balance (2nd payment) will be automatically charged 7 days prior to the dispatch date. Late fees apply for a failed payment, your order will be automatically canceled if the automatic charges fail after 2 consecutive attempts or if you still have a pending balance within 7 days of the event date, whichever comes first.

*The service fee will be due at the moment of checkout.

You can become a member by choosing Unlimited Delivery during the booking experience. It will be billed immediately after the rental is processed. Once billed, your membership will be valid for up to 1 calendar year from the date of subscription. As per the companyโ€™s refund policy, we are not approved to give refunds due to an unused membership. The company reserves the right to adhere to our no-refund policy on memberships.
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